Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kason's First Pumpkin

John's sister Amanda has been growing a pumpkin in one of her flower beds all summer long.  It unexpectedly started growing, and we thought it would be fun to have Kason take pictures in the pumpkin patch... so we made her keep it.  One of the pumpkins is perfect size for Kason and it is starting to go bad on the bottom... So we picked it today and took picture of Kason with it.  They turned out GREAT!!!  I just love how they came out.  He did so good!!!  Thanks Aunt Man-Man for the pumpkin and helping get the poses. Enjoy!
This is probably my favorite

Holding one of Daddy's Milk Trucks

He has on Lance's cowboy boots from when Lance was a toddler.
They are still too big, but SOOO cute

John's dad bought him a knife and
cowboy hat when he was born.  The
hat finally fits!!

Doesn't he look like a baby George
Strait here.  He's so handsome.
I love this.

Here's another one of Lance's shirts
from when he was a baby.  This is
one that my dad gave me from his
auto store back in the day.

This one's for you dad. :)  So cute, thanks for the shirt.
I love it!

this just makes my heart melt.

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