Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swim Lessons Day 2

I'm going to try to post short videos weekly of Kason's swim lessons.  Thank you Oma and Opa for the great birthday gift and Aunt Amanda for the water proof camera.  We went with infant survival aquatic lessons.  The goal is to teach him how to swim-float-swim so if he falls in the pool he can swim to the edge for safety.  I must admit, watching some of the other kids that have been doing it for a couple of weeks is very impressive.  I'm already a believer.

This is his second day of lessons.  We will see how it progresses.

Keep in mind, he's only 15 months old...

This is Kason learning to float on his back.  Yes, he was pissed and cried the whole time.  He'll get over it though.

Here's some other recent pictures too

yes, i took my child to the chicken.  he loved it.

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sebert said...

I love the pictures you post! Please keep them coming. Love, Oma